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The Learning Changes Lives Foundation operates with support from Adult Learning Australia. It also relies on philanthropic contributions from organisations and donations from people like you.

Your donations help us support existing and build new adult education and learning programs all over Australia so that we can reach more people in need.



This year instead of accumulating gifts you neither want nor need, make a massive difference to someone's life by asking your friends and family to donate to the Learning Changes Lives Foundation instead .

You'll be surprised at how fantastic giving back feels.



The Learning Changes Lives Foundation has found a passionate new donor in 10 year old Tasmyn.

Tasmyn established Tasmyn’s Tales to make money for herself and to help adults with low literacy. She sells her personally designed bookmarks, postcards, magnets and bumper stickers, with proceeds going to charities that support adults learning to read and write.

Inspired by Tasmyn's initiative, you too could organise a fundraiser to

support the Foundation's work. Whether you host an event, launch an online campaign, or explore fundraising ideas, your contribution, no matter what size, plays a crucial role in supporting our mission to empower people through education.



Victoria has a container deposit scheme which rewards Victorians with a 10-cent refund for every eligible can, carton and bottle they return.
You can do this great thing for the environment plus help us raise funds for the Adult Learning Australia Foundation (trading as Learning Changes Lives Foundation) which supports adults who need help with basic education, literacy, numeracy, or job skills by returning your bottles and cans