Young man

What are our goals?

We believe education is transformative. Through education people can develop the skills and knowledge they need to engage in meaningful work; to participate fully as a citizen in a vibrant democracy; to live in harmony in a diverse, multicultural and rapidly changing society; to manage their health and wellbeing and live fulfilled and meaningful lives.

“Education allows people to live fulfilled and meaningful lives.”

How it works?

You can donate to a specific project or to a project generally. Maybe rather than a one-off donation, you’d like to become a monthly donor. Spread the word! The more people who find out about a project, the more support it will get. Post a link to the project site on your Facebook page or include it in your email-signature. You can always donate anonymously. We are grateful for all the contributions we receive through the Foundation. We ensure donations are directed to areas of significant need in the most efficient way.