Literacy changes lives grants

The Learning Changes Lives Foundation seeks to create greater social equity and inclusion in the Australian community through adult education.

To achieve this end, the Learning Changes Lives Foundation provides grants to support adults who are educationally disadvantaged, poor, chronically unemployed or under-employed.

The Learning Changes Lives grants program aims to support adult Australia with low levels of literacy and numeracy who are experiencing barriers to finding and keeping work, meeting their goals and aspirations or managing their daily lives.

Priority cohort

This round of small grants will focus on adult literacy and numeracy projects or programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to enable better quality of life for adults disadvantaged in the community. The Foundation identifies adults as people over 15 years of age.


This grants program is seeking applications from eligible organisations for project that engage adults whose low literacy and numeracy is a barrier to thriving in learning, training and work; offer highly supportive pathways for adults with low literacy and numeracy into further training and work and develops literacy and numeracy.

Who can apply?

Applications are accepted from community-based Australian organisations supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults experiencing educational disadvantage.

Organisations applying for funds must be a legal entity (or auspiced by a legal entity) and not-for-profit and exempt from income tax (deductible gift recipient DGR status not required).

Organisations with a turnover of less than $1,000,000 with limited access to other funding sources will be prioritised.


The following criteria will be used to assess the Learning Changes Lives Small Grant applications.

Applications must target disadvantaged Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adult Australians with low literacy and numeracy and include clear and measurable outcomes.

Applications will be assessed and prioritised for funding according to the above criteria, with consideration given to ensuring there is a fair representation of projects from different states and territories across Australia.

Successful applicants will need to measure and report on the success of their program.

What the grants will not fund?

The Learning Changes Lives Small Grants will not fund operating costs vehicles; for-profit organisations; general fundraising appeals and government entities.

Further information

Application must be completed in full. Successful grantees must expend the grant within 12 months for the purpose agreed unless prior approval is received from the Foundation in writing.

The Foundation must be acknowledged in any promotion or media to do with the grant. All outcomes from the grant must be reported to the Foundation; including providing approved images of participants and adult learning activities.

Please contact the Learning Changes Lives Foundation via email for any further queries.

Email: foundation@ala.asn.au