We award annual scholarships to adults from across the adult education

sector and from all walks of life to allow them to continue learning by

taking a new learning pathway or continuing an existing one.

2023 recipients

Rebecca Symes – to support Rebecca to continue her reading and writing skills with 26TEN and to pursue a Barista course.

Mikayla Quor – to support Mikayla to complete her pathways to further education and prepare for her bachelor's degree.

2022 recipient

Alaya Begum – to help Alaya with her further studies now that she has settled in the western suburbs of Victoria.

2021 recipients

Nora Smith-Garbutt – to support Nora to gain childcare qualifications and employment in the Northern Rivers Region.


Maryam Soufiani – to support Maryam to complete an English language program that will assist her to be more job-ready and enable her to continue with further study.


Saw Ei La Yar – to support Saw to complete a pre-apprenticeship building and construction course.