Tasmyn's Tales raise funds for adult literacy

The entrepreneurial 10 year old and bookworm established ‘Tasmyn’s Tales’ as a money-making venture and to help adults with low literacy

Tasmyn sells her personally designed bookmarks, postcards, magnets and bumper stickers to promote her beloved Sapphire Coast and donates 10% of her profits to the Learning Changes Lives Foundation.

But Tasmyn is an accidental adult literacy ambassador. She was very moved by a chance viewing of the SBS series Lost For Words.

'I saw these adults crying because they couldn’t read. One couldn’t read a menu and another girl couldn’t read to her children. It was so sad and I was so shocked that I wanted to help them as fast as I could.’

Casting about for an appropriate charity to donate to, Tasmyn was thrilled when her mother found the Learning Changes Lives Foundation. She was particularly drawn to the Footpath Literacy project.


‘I was really happy to see the Foundation doing something for people and particularly homeless people who can’t read.’


‘I believe it’s important to donate to the Learning Changes Lives Foundation because we are all human beings and we should all have equal amounts of education and have the same opportunities and chances. People who struggle with reading should be able to get help.’