The gift of reading

Since 2003, The Footpath Library have been offering friendship, food, hot drinks and good books to people who are homeless on the streets, in shelters and in social housing. In the course of their work the Library has discovered just how many people experiencing homelessness struggle with reading and writing.


You can help

We are supporting the great work of the The Footpath Library by taking adult literacy help to the streets. If you are homeless, low literacy makes life even more difficult. It's harder to access the services you need, to manage your health, find stable work and housing, or lose yourself in a book.

Our Footpath Literacy specialist will work with people experiencing homelessness to develop the reading, writing and numeracy skills they need.

Accessing reading and writing help as an adult is not straightforward. Services are over-stretched and many adults with low literacy are ashamed and reluctant to return to anything like a classroom.

Improving an adult's reading and writing skills is life-changing.

Being able to read and write as an adult makes a tangible and lasting difference. It gives people hope and confidence, empowering them to take a more active role in their own lives and in their communities. It makes for a fairer Australia.